What Your Media and Church Wont Tell You

Earth Has A Jewish Problem

Earth Has A Jewish Problem

We have a parasite among us here on planet earth a race that are alien and have conspired to destroy our gentile people (humanity). Jews are responsible for communism capitalism Islam Christianity wars famine cultural decay and indeed most of the problems that plague our planet. They control our media, science, religion, politics, and most things in the west.

Ask yourself why should we allow such a small percentage to completely control almost everything in society and what are they really up to here in America and the rest of the world. The Jews promote mixing of races and multiculturalism and look at our cities where these are implemented and the crime and drug problems.

The Jews promote use of Drugs and crimes and materialist philosophy. On the otherside they Promote Christianity as a solution to their problems. There are very few in the world that are not confused by the Jews in some way. The Jews did crimes against humanity like 9/11 and the Sandy hook shootings.

Its time to wake up and gain a sense of pride in our races and cultures. Diversity is not gained through assimilating and making everything equal as the Jews would want. Diversity is taking a stand for your own individuality race and culture and helping take back our world. Together we can work to make the world a better place and we will have to deal with the Jewish problem some day or else humanity is doomed and we do not have a future.

The Jews have systematically removed spiritual knowledge from gentiles and nearly destroyed our ancient religions and practices yet they have used occult knowledge to curse humanity and deceive billions. The Bible and Koran are both Jewish witchcraft against the gentiles both lead to spiritual death. The only way to freedom and truth is to follow Satan and his demons our original pagan Gods who have been slandered horribly.

Our original ancient pagan Gods have worked very hard to help humanity and never gave up on despite all the lies most believe. They are real advanced extraterrestrials who live on another planet and are immortal. Father Satan wanted us to live in a paradise world with him and to become as Gods and live forever as a civilization. He teaches us about the soul and meditations and spiritual advancement so that we may become like Gods and become spiritually independent. Satan does not desire worship or being a slave or tell us what to do but he guides us on a path that will better us and this planet.
It is through Satan the Eternal enemy of the Jews that we are set free.
Read http://www.joyofsatan.com for more info on Satan and Satanism humanities original and only religion as all truly gentile pagan religions came from the same


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